How to design your carport?

Designing your carport

A carport provides protection for your car and shelters it from bad weather and other hazards. However, it can have many other uses. AKENA offers a number of unique options when it comes to designing your carport.

How to create shade in the carport?

Are you looking to provide shade for your carport so that you can use it to relax or to eat out in the summer months? And avoid prying eyes at the same time? Or even provide extra protection for your vehicle?

We have a variety of solutions to help you achieve this. At AKENA, we offer three types of privacy screens.

carport pour protéger votre voiture
How can I make it easier to drive into the carport?

If you have a large vehicle, such as a motor home, it is not always easy to manoeuvre. AKENA has the perfect solution: our XL option offers extra manoeuvring space and adds a stylish touch to your carport. All this is made possible by the offset posts, while at the same time providing space.

What are the lighting options for my carport?

There are several solutions for lighting a carport. The most efficient and effective solution is AKENA's LED lighting. You can enjoy meals with friends or family in the evening, or even work safely under your carport.

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