Fixed aluminium privacy screen

What is a privacy screen?

Also known as a slatted screen or screen wall, the privacy screen allows you to partition off one or several sides of the carport to protect it you and your vehicle from the wind and rain. At the same time, the privacy screen keeps the carport out of direct view and thus preserves the privacy of your home.

Brise-vue pour carport fabriqué en FranceYour privacy screen - Made in France

AKENA innovation

The aluminium fixed slatted screen has been designed by technicians from the AKENA R&D Department. Our teams come up with around several innovations each year, focussing our efforts on designing and manufacturing new products that will improve your home and your comfort both now and in the future. Our R&D department has the expertise and responsiveness to manage our products, from their design and manufacture right through to their installation. With AKENA, you are guaranteed the knowledge and experience of our manufacturers and fitters, as well as the very best, most up-to-date products developed in our workshops.

French manufacturing

As well as developing and innovating, AKENA manufactures aluminium privacy screens for its carports in a brand new, state-of-the-art factory, located near its original production site in the Vendée. The new 7,000 m² workshop, which will start production in the second half of 2021, specialises in pergolas, carports and privacy screens. The factory will be equipped with the latest in precision machine tools and technology to achieve the highest possible finishing quality.

brise-vue-effet-ton-boisThe advantages of the AKENA aluminium privacy screen

Fixed slats for maximum protection

The AKENA privacy screen is made entirely of FIXED ALUMINIUM SLATS. The slats are screwed into the aluminium posts, which are themselves an integral part of the carport. Our custom-built fixed privacy screens are available in a wide range of heights (up to 2.60 m) providing maximum protection from the wind, rain and nosy neighbours.

Customised privacy screen

The AKENA range of customised, made-to-measure privacy screens includes a variety of models to meet your needs in terms of protection and quality of finish: SOLID privacy screens, OPEN-WORK privacy screens and MIXED privacy screens.

A stylish design and a decorative finish for your carport

Not only does the AKENA fixed privacy screen provide privacy and protection for your carport, it is also a real decorative feature with a wide choice of colours. Simply choose the colour that best suits your surroundings and make your carport stand out. You can choose the same colour as the carport for a seamless transition between the screen and the frame... or you can choose wood! Exclusive to AKENA: when designing your screen, AKENA technicians always take into account the aesthetic and stylistic aspects in their design specifications. AKENA has also selected wood-tone aluminium colours for its range of privacy screens, ensuring your carport is modern and stylish. Add a touch of warmth to your carport and give it a natural feel to match the outside environment.

Design your own privacy screen

Full slats

With full slats, the idea is to obtain a full screen for:

  • Maximum protection from the wind and rain,
  • Complete shelter for your vehicle and any equipment stored under the carport,
  • Total privacy.
Open-work slats

With open-work slats, the idea is to obtain a partial screen for:

  • Protection from the wind and rain,
  • Cutting off the direct view of the carport and protecting your privacy, 
  • Letting in natural light, which is ideal when using the carport as a pergola or DIY area,
  • Ensuring that the carport is well ventilated. 
Mixed - Full and Open-work slats

As the name suggests, the mixed screen is made up of solid slats at the bottom and openwork at the top. It is the perfect combination of light and protection:

  • The solid lower section hides the vehicle and provides an excellent storage space for materials, protected from the elements and out of sight.
  • The openwork slats let in light and keep the carport from becoming too dark! 

Which colour to choose?

Carport colours

Choose from a range of textured colours to match the carport structure, for a seamless finish. Available in anthracite grey, light grey, brownish grey, ivory beige, black and dark grey.

Wood tone colours

If you prefer a wood effect, why not choose the wood-coloured aluminium slats? Playing with the contrast of the metal colour of the carport with the warmth of the wood tone, light or dark according to your choice, will give it a style that is both modern and timeless, with little maintenance required. Several colours to choose from: golden oak, light oak, walnut, birch, medium oak and Irish oak.

Get inspired

Idea n°1

Stand-alone carport with a fixed privacy screen on 3 sides, all in anthracite grey.

Idea n°2

Lean-to carport in light grey with a wood-tone fixed privacy screen on one side.

Idea n°3

Modern textured black carport, with fixed wood-tone privacy screen.

Idea n°4

Carport against the gable end of a house, with fixed aluminium wood-effect privacy screens.

Carports with fixed privacy screens

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