Camper van carport

  • Ideal for storing your motor home, van or truck over the winter
  • Choose the shape: canopy or flat roof
  • Up to 3.20 m high
  • All-aluminium frame - Qualicoat and Qualimarine certified.
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Motor home special shelter

Extra high carport

Do you enjoy travelling in your motor home or camper van? However, you want to store it at home, away from prying eyes and protect it from the weather, but without building an expensive garage that takes up a lot of outdoor space?

Then our carports are for you. Perfect for parking your leisure vehicle, you will benefit from an efficient and durable protection. AKENA's motor home carport, which is made in France, is available in a covered version with a sloping roof or in a more contemporary flat-roofed version, attached to your house or free-standing, fixed to the ground with 4 posts. The dimensions are tailored to your existing environment as well as to larger vehicles. Not only will it protect your motor home, but it will also enhance your outdoor space. You may love to go on holiday, but you will also love to come back and appreciate the benefits of your very own carport.

AKENA is a leading French manufacturer of verandas, pergolas and carports, using its know-how and skills to help you protect your motor home. 

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A strong and sturdy carport

The AKENA motor home carport can be built up to a height of 3.20 m, making it easy to park your vehicle without the risk of scratching the roof. For carports over 2.60 m high, AKENA has added aluminium reinforcement brackets at the top of the posts. This provides extra strength to the structure and ensures that your carport can resist even the strongest winds.

While AKENA takes care to develop technical and advanced installations, our technicians also take into account the aesthetics of its carports. All brackets and fixtures are painted in the same colour as the carport for a flawless finish. An XXL size all-aluminium carport that is stylish, strong and durable, designed to fit out your outdoor spaces. 

Infinite colour options

Choosing the right colour is essential! The colour plays a decisive role in the style you want to achieve with your aluminium carport, taking into account your house, the environment and the applicable planning regulations.

You can choose from classic and timeless colours: white, beige... Modern colours such as anthracite grey, frosted grey or black are a perfect match for any modern house. As well as bright colours: green, blue, red... Or even a colour to match your windows and doors - anything is possible!

Our advice: choose QUALICOAT Textured Class 2 colours with a grained finish. More resistant and less sensitive to fading over time, our Textured colours will keep their shine and protect your carport from ageing. 

Designing a carport for your motor home

Lean-to carport

Leaning against your house and fixed to the ground by 2 or 4 posts, the lean-to carport is ideal for your motor home, converted truck or van. Extremely practical and convenient when it rains, it provides quick access to your home from the outside while remaining sheltered.

Free-standing carport

A free-standing carport is built on 4 or 6 posts that are fixed to the ground. It can be positioned next to your house, at the end of your driveway or at the bottom of your garden, creating a whole new parking area. This allows you to make use of previously unused space and optimise your outdoor design.

Equipment and options

Fixed privacy screen

Our fixed all-aluminium slats provide a space divider and additional protection from the wind and rain. Solid or openwork, the privacy screen can be lacquered in the same colour as the carport.

Exclusive to AKENA: Privacy screen with wood-coloured slats. Play on the contrast of the metal colour of the carport with the warmth of the wood tone to bring a contemporary and timeless style without maintenance constraints.

XL offset posts

The carport posts can be offset from the side or set back from the front. This helps you adapt your carport to the existing environment and gives you more room to manoeuvre your vehicle.

LED lighting

With LED lighting, you can enjoy powerful, precise, long-lasting and energy-efficient lighting. Providing you with security and comfort, you can park your vehicle and access your home easily in the evening.

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