Aluminium canopy carport

  • Watertight sloping roof, available in different shapes
  • Fully powder-coated aluminium - QUALIMARINE and QUALICOAT certified
  • Custom-made
  • So many colours to choose from
  • LED lighting option
  • Made in France
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Attached to your house

The aluminium canopy carport, our flagship carport, protects your vehicle from the weather and other external influences. It protects it from premature ageing and has a special feature: a perfectly waterproof sloping roof. Ideal for water drainage, and to avoid stagnant leaves or other elements that make cleaning difficult. Set against your house, it will protect your driveway and entrance from the elements. 

Completely made-to-measure, your carport can be adapted to your existing structure in terms of size, shape and colour. Choose your style and personalise your carport so that it fits in perfectly with the rest of your home. Imagine your carport in charcoal grey or black with a straight cornice for a contemporary style or in a classic white colour, in keeping with your windows and doors.  

The aluminium canopy carport allows you to convert your outdoor space into a home improvement project, using previously unused space. 

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Infinite colour options

Choosing the right colour is essential! The colour plays a decisive role in the style you want to give your carport, taking into account the style of your house, the surroundings and the applicable planning regulations.

You can choose from classic and timeless colours: white, beige... Modern colours such as anthracite grey, frosted grey or black are a perfect match for any modern house. As well as bright colours: green, blue, red... Or even a colour to match your windows and doors - anything is possible!

Our colours are available in different finishes: textured, glossy, satin and matt. They are all QUALICOAT and QUALIMARINE certified, which guarantees the quality of the lacquering. Our advice: choose our Textured Colours Class 2, which are more resistant and don't fade over time.

Roof materials

Polycarbonate roof

Polycarbonate is a translucent, clear or opal coloured hollow cell material that lets light into a carport. Polycarbonate roofing is low-cost, which is ideal for those on a budget, and is the perfect way to protect your car from the elements.

  • Lightweight and strong,
  • Anti-UV treated, anti-yellowing, solar control option,
  • 32 or 55 mm thick
Insulated panel roof

Aluminium material with insulating foam, the Thermotop insulating panel, or sandwich panel, conceals and insulates your roof. It blocks out sunlight and UV rays to protect your vehicle from the heat. Transform your carport into a shaded dining area with our insulated roof!

  • 3 exterior finish colours (White / Slate / Tile),
  • Optional reinforced sound insulation,
  • 32 or 66 mm thick
Glass roof

The glass-roofed carport offers transparency and a breath-taking view of the sky! As well as providing shelter for your vehicle, you can extend the functionality of your carport thanks to the increased natural light. More spacious than your garage, you can work comfortably and safely under your carport. You can combine insulating panels and glass for a perfect balance between insulation and natural light!

  • Natural lighting,
  • Laminated glass for better impact protection,
  • Optional reinforced insulation and solar control,

Finishing cornices

Traditional Cornice

A moulded cornice to give your carport a more classic and retro look.

Modern Cornice

A simple, straight cornice to help blend your carport in with your modern home or to give it a new look!

carport avec éclairage
LED lighting option

Equip your carport with LED lighting, seamlessly integrated under the roof. As elegant as it is effective, it provides undeniable practicality and convenience. Most importantly, it lights up your entrance when you come in late at night, making your well-lit carport a reassuring feature for your home. 

You will also appreciate the lighting when using the carport as a pergola for relaxing and entertaining family and friends over a long meal. This way you can enjoy your evenings outside while being sheltered from the coolness and humidity of the night!

What's more, LED lighting is known for its low energy consumption, which is a big advantage for your electricity bill!

Technical features

  • All-aluminium frame - Qualicoat and Qualimarine certified

  • Building a carport roof based on the conservatory roof,

  • Strong wall bracket with triple seal

  • Secure roof panels for maximum wind resistance

  • Aluminium posts (130x50 mm), fixed to the ground

  • All-round guttering to collect rainwater and channel it to the downspouts inside the posts

  • Custom sizes

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