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Integrated LED lighting

Do you want to get home safely at night or not waste time looking for your keys in your bag when you come home from a party? AKENA can fit your carport with integrated LED lighting for greater convenience. You can even use it as a pergola on summer evenings. Led spotlights or strip lights consume very little electricity and are practical for everyday use. Installing LED lighting in your carport also saves you from having to add external lighting.

Led spotlights for canopy carports

Light up your carport with LED spotlights integrated in the rafters under the roof. The LED spotlights are positioned evenly under the carport to provide excellent lighting. LED spotlight specifications:

  • Warm white 3000K lighting, 
  • 480 lumens
  • Power: 4.2W
  • Equipped with a dimmer switch,
  • Controlled by a wall switch.
LED lighting strips for flat roof carports

For flat roof carports, the LED strips are installed on the gutter. 2 sides of lighting are sufficient for an area smaller than 12m². If your carport is larger than 12m², we advise you to install lighting on all 4 sides. This type of lighting is precise and highly practical. Specifications:

  • Warm white light - 3200 - 3400K, 
  • 1000 lumens
  • Power: 12W
  • Controlled by a wall switch. 
Carports with LED lighting
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