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How much does a carport cost?

The price depends on the material and the surface area

A carport is an outdoor facility designed to protect your vehicle from the elements. In short, it has the same uses as a garage, but with one advantage: it costs a lot less. However, the price can be quite different from one carport to another, and depends on the material, the surface, the finish and its positioning. As a specialist manufacturer of aluminium carports, we would like to give you some budget ideas for constructing an aluminium carport, including installation.

A strong, resistant and maintenance-free carport!

Aluminium carports are considered to be the best on the market. Lightweight, durable, sturdy and stylish, they fit in with your exterior while adding a modern touch. Aluminium carports are also very easy to maintain! Unlike wooden carports, which need to be treated, stained or varnished each year, they do not require any special maintenance. Opting for an aluminium carport can save you a lot of hassle! An aluminium carport only requires cleaning twice a year to remove dust or dirt as well as any leaves that may have fallen into the gutter to allow water to drain away into the posts. It's as simple as that!

Prix d'un carport simple aluminiumThe cost of a single carport

What type of vehicle can I park under a single-space carport?

A single carport can be used to house light vehicles or two-wheelers. This can be made from different materials: wood, metal, steel, or aluminium, as with the AKENA range.

The carport roof can be sloping, curved or flat. AKENA supplies aluminium carports in different shapes, sizes and colours so that you can choose the carport that best suits you. 

The single carport can measure from 10 to 30m², which means a large passageway, useful for parking and opening the car doors without the risk of banging into the walls or posts! It creates a wonderful parking space and storage area for your home.

And for even more protection, you can close off the carport with fixed slatted aluminium privacy screens. Bring practicality and style to your carport with our aluminium privacy screens. Finish off with our LED lighting option, and your carport is complete!

How much does a 1-car carport cost?

Taking these criteria into account, the price of a simple aluminium carport is approximately 385 €/m² (including installation) for a lean-to carport and approximately 400 €/m² for a free-standing carport installed at the bottom of your driveway. Of course, this price varies depending on the model and additional options. Admittedly, a low-budget carport made of wood, steel or other materials is much more attractive, but this does not take into account the maintenance costs of wood and the fact that low-cost carports have a limited lifespan. Interested in installing your own single carport?

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The cost of a double carport for 2 or 3 cars

The double carport is larger than the single carport and consists of two modules that can accommodate two or even three vehicles. It can also be used as a shelter to store outdoor equipment such as garden furniture or trailers.

The extra large double carport can be used to store your campervan or motor home during the winter. Available in large sizes, and with a high construction height that allows you to easily park your motor home, the double aluminium carport will enhance your home's exterior. 

Like the single carport, the double carport can be fitted with a curved, sloping or flat roof. It can also be fitted with aluminium privacy screens, offset posts or LED lighting. Its price varies according to the materials used, the surface of the parking area and the additional options. 

For a large double carport, the price is around 770 €/m² (including installation) for a lean-to carport and around 830 €/m² for a double stand-alone carport on posts in your garden or at the bottom of your driveway. Again, the price varies depending on the size, type of roof and the options selected. Would you like a design study for your double carport project?

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