Flat roof aluminium carport

  • Protects your vehicle in all seasons
  • QUALICOAT and QUALIMARINE certified powder-coated aluminium
  • Optional fixed slatted privacy screen
  • LED lighting option
  • XL post option
  • Made in France
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carport akena
carport akena

The modern style car shelter

Outdoor protection and design

The flat-roofed carport, like the canopy carport, is custom-made to match the existing building. It is available as a lean-to or free-standing structure, in a single or double module - depending on the size, and will protect and secure your car or any other vehicle against weather conditions such as frost, cold or rain, as well as the sun and other external factors. 

Its flat roof effect and all-aluminium structure provide a sleek, contemporary look for your home.  

Multi-functional and flexible, it is designed to make your life easier. It combines design and practicality to adapt to your available space and maximise the potential of your home. You can also use the flat roof carport as a pergola, a relaxing and shady space thanks to its blackout roof, which protects you from the glare and heat of the sun. 

The flat roof carport, manufactured in France, is installed by our team of professionals. Choosing an AKENA product means opting for a perfect solution, fully adapted to your needs, with unwavering durability.


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couleurs carport
Infinite colour options

Choosing the right colour is essential! The colour plays a decisive role in the style you want to give your flat roof carport, taking into account the style of your house, the surroundings and the applicable planning regulations.

You can choose from classic and timeless colours: white, beige... Modern colours such as anthracite grey, frosted grey or black are a perfect match for any modern house. As well as bright colours: green, blue, red... Or even a colour to match your windows and doors - anything is possible!

Our advice: choose QUALICOAT Textured Class 2 colours with a grained finish. More resistant and less sensitive to fading over time, our Textured colours will keep their shine and protect your carport from ageing. 

Designing your carport

Single lean-to carport

Leaning against your house and fixed to the ground by 2 posts, the simple carport provides space for a light vehicle, such as a car, and protects the entrance to your home.

Single free-standing carport

A free-standing carport is built on 4 posts that are fixed to the ground. It can be positioned next to your house, at the end of your driveway or at the bottom of your garden, creating a whole new parking area.

Double lean-to carport

Leaning against your house and fixed to the ground by 2 or 3 posts (depending on the size), our double carport provides space for two light vehicles while protecting the entrance to your home.

Double free-standing carport

Our free-standing double carport is built on 4 to 6 posts that are fixed to the ground. It can be positioned next to your house, at the end of your driveway or at the bottom of your garden, creating a whole new parking area.

Options for added comfort!

We have designed the flat roof carport as a multi-functional and comfortable space. For this reason, we have developed a range of useful options while maintaining a stylish structure that adds value to your home. The integrated LED lighting provides a safe and secure space and enables you to use your carport well into the night, while the XL poles are set back to make it easier to manoeuvre your vehicle. Aluminium privacy screens will help protect your carport from prying eyes. 

Simple and effective options for added comfort and convenience. 

AKENA Research and Development Office

Aluminium privacy screen Option

Our all-aluminium fixed-slat privacy screens are available as an option. It is available with solid blackout slats or slats with an openwork design to let the light through. You can choose to have the screen in the same colour as the frame or with a wooded look finish. The slatted privacy screen is designed and manufactured by AKENA. It can be installed on one or several sides of your carport, delimiting the space of your carport while providing it with protection

Exclusive to AKENA: Privacy screen with wood-coloured slats. Play on the contrast of the metal colour of the carport with the warmth of the wood tone to bring a contemporary and timeless style without maintenance constraints.

décaler les poteaux pour se garer sans risques
XL post option

As an option, the 2 front posts can be offset from either the side or front edge of the carport. The posts can be adjusted to your existing and available layout, which avoids the need for additional work. The offset posts also provide more room for parking and manoeuvring your vehicle. So you can park your vehicle easily, without the risk of scratching it. 

Offset posts also give your carport a unique and original look.

LED lighting option

Our LED lighting option gives you powerful, accurate, long-lasting and energy-efficient lighting. Providing you with security and comfort, you can park your vehicle and access your home easily in the evening.

It also allows you to make the most of your carport all year round, and even as a pergola during the long summer evenings. It makes life easier, such as when unloading your groceries or doing DIY work.


Carport alu pour abriter sa voiture
Technical features
  • All-aluminium 6060T5 powder coated structure - Qualicoat and Qualimarine Class 1/2.

  • Up to 8000 x 5000 x 3200 mm (WxDxH),

  • Lean-to with 2 posts or free-standing with 4 posts 

  • Blackout roof panel - white - 63 mm thick

  • All-round gutter for rainwater collection, drainage at the base of the post (hidden downspout), with decorative extension

  • Posts: 165 x 165 m, fixed to the ground on plates.

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