Choosing the colour of your carport

Would you like to install a carport to create an easily accessible parking area at home? Not sure which colour to choose? When it comes to the AKENA aluminium carport, any colour is possible! Read on to find out more!

Certified colours

choisir un coloris actuel pour un carport moderne
Long-lasting and hard-wearing lacquered finish

AKENA is committed to delivering a high quality solution for your project and therefore offers long-lasting colours that will stand the test of time. AKENA's impact resistant and European certified designs will add real value to your home.

This is why AKENA aluminium carport structures are QUALICOAT and QUALIMARINE certified - Class 1 and 2. 

High quality lacquered finish


This label certifies compliance with a consistent, high-quality aluminium coating process for a carport that will stand the test of time. Class 1 and Class 2 Certified - according to RAL, which guarantees the long-term resistance and durability of the lacquer.


This label guarantees the quality control of powder-coated aluminium profiles at every stage: alloying, pre-treatment, powder coating and maintenance. Guaranteed corrosion resistance, suitable for all environments, including sensitive areas (seaside, etc.). For AKENA, the QMP-1146 approval is issued by ADAL.

Custom colours

Not only is aluminium a recyclable material, but it can also be painted in any colour - the possibilities are endless. You can match your carport with your carpentry, windows and doors, garage door, shutters, fences or gate. When choosing the colour of your carport, you should take into account your existing exterior design and your surroundings in order to make sure it fits in well with your surroundings and the rest of the building. Also, don't forget to consult your local council to find out if any colours are required or forbidden according to the local planning regulations, especially if you live in a listed or protected area. 

Another important advantage of aluminium is that the coating requires very little maintenance. Good to know if you are still unsure whether to choose a wooden or aluminium carport. Wooden carports require care and maintenance, including a stain, varnish or preservative treatment at least once a year to keep them looking their best. 

Choose AKENA Textured colours

Textured, ultra-resistant material effect

Our Class 2 QUALICOAT Textured colours are more resistant than traditional colours and do not lose their shine. With a more resistant lacquer, Textured colours are less sensitive to the sun, weather and the elements, and the grainy texture is much more resistant to impacts and scratches than smooth lacquers. 

Colours that last

The ageing test shows the difference in discolouration between the 2 shades after 5 years of exposure*.

vieillissement couleur aluminium

*5 years of exposure corresponding to 600 hours of exposure in the laboratory. QUVB 313 test (DIN EN ISO 11507) carried out at the AkzoNobel Powder Coatings laboratory. The accelerated ageing chamber artificially reproduces the full solar spectrum. In just a few hours or weeks, it simulates the deterioration and damage caused by solar radiation and outdoor weathering over several years.

Get inspired and choose your colour!

Anthracite grey

A modern tone that is widely used in new-build joinery work, windows and doors, etc.

Light grey

A light silver tone that brings a touch of character and softness.

Black Sand

A very modern and contemporary colour, textured black is perfect for a modern and chic style.

Brownish grey

Coloured to reflect terracotta, giving your carport a more natural look.

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