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Lean-to carport or free-standing carport?

Lean-to or free-standing

Your carport can be positioned against your house with 2 or 3 posts, or on its own with 4 or 6 posts. Here are the different characteristics.

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Lean-to carports

This type of carport is fitted against a wall, usually a wall with a door (or close to it), in order to provide direct access to the home. Lean-to carports come with 2 or 3 posts. At Akena, we offer a sloping roof for the canopy carport and a flat roof for the flat roof carport. Lean-to carports have several advantages:

  • Installed near an entrance, your carport means you don't have to walk in the rain,

  • Provides more security, with the vehicle close to your home,

  • You can install a socket or electricity supply next to your carport, which is ideal for charging an electric car or plugging in any other electrical accessory or equipment,

  • Create a storage space for your equipment near your home,

  • Bicycles can be stored and parked safely,

  • It can also be used as a space to relax, work or enjoy meals. Therefore, being close to the house is more convenient.

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Free-standing carports

Unlike a lean-to carport, a free-standing carport stands alone. It isn't installed against a wall and is supported by 4 or 6 posts. Free-standing carports have many advantages:

  • Ideal for a camper van or motor home: the large size of the vehicle does not detract from the landscape, especially when the carport is placed at the bottom of the garden,

  • Perfect for large areas or big gardens,

  • It allows you to park near the house without taking up space right next to it,

  • Can be installed anywhere, without walls or constraints, using concrete blocks,

  • Replaces a garage,

  • Becomes an added design feature to your garden

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